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My name is Jade Daniel Sambrook and I am an amateur photographer. For many years I carried around my heavy digital SLR and many lenses in order to take photos of pretty much anything that I found interesting. Sometimes I would lug along other equipment like a flash and tripod. Now-a-days I simply use my pocket size iPhone to take photos as it is much lighter to carry around. It takes great photos and the Instagram application allows me to instantly share them after easily applying a filter.

A studio photo of Jade Daniel SambrookI would say that my favorite type of photography is photojournalism, as in I like to take pictures at live events that involve much action, such as at protests where there are clashes between protestors and the police. If I could I would even travel to a war zone in an other country just to experience photojournalism at another level.

While this blog is about my amateur photography, I also have a personal blog called The Jade Zone where I am able to write about my life experiences, my thoughts and my opinions on a variety of subjects. Should you have the opportunity I invite you to visit The Jade Zone by clicking here. Finally, as a devout nudist, I created a blog called The Naked Jade where I am able to write about my nudist lifestyle and many naked adventures. Please also feel free to visit The Naked Jade, but do note that it is NSFW.

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