Jade Daniel Sambrook Returns to the Piknic with a Kilt and an iPhone 6

Jade Daniel Sambrook poses for a photo with friends at the 2015 Piknic Electronik in Montreal

Focal Length: 4mm
Exposure: 1/1130 sec; f/2.2; ISO 32
Metering: Pattern
Flash: No

Photo Owner: Jade Daniel Sambrook
Camera & Lens: Apple iPhone 6

The last time that Jade Daniel Sambrook had been to the Piknic Electronik in Montreal was in 2007. Since I had moved to Ottawa in 2008 it was much harder to attend each and every weekend – as use to be the case. Actually to be truthful, I did check-in briefly in both 2010 and 2011, but only for really short visits in order to showcase it to some friends who were visiting the city with me.

After moving back to Montreal at the beginning of 2015, I figured that I should fall back into some of my older habits – notably by attending the Piknic. The big change for Jade Daniel Sambrook this time however is that since 2009 I had become a kilt wearer (for lack of a better term). I was therefore more than happy to sport my kilt to the Piknic Electronik, as I knew that I would probably be the only one to do so. There is nothing better than to be original, and when you are the only person who is wearing a kilt at an event you have definitely succeeded in the ”original” category. Folks loved the kilt. I met so many people – mostly ladies – because of it. There were plenty of compliments and questions. And of course many folks – again mostly the ladies – did not shy away from giving the kilt a quick lift to check out exactly ”what is worn underneath”.

As the saying goes: ”Nothing is worn underneath the kilt, everything is in perfect working order!”

Now in regards to the photo above, on my very first day attending the Piknic for the 2015 season, some old friends came over to greet me. I immediately seized the opportunity to ask somebody nearby if they could snap a photo using my iPhone 6. You may recall from my past blog posts that I use to take photos at the Piknic using my heavy DSLR camera. This involved carrying many lenses, a flash and other photo gear. Now with the iPhone 6 it is the exact opposite. It fits snugly into my kilt sporran (the pouch worn at the front of the kilt) and it takes great photos to boot. It is light, practical and efficient. No more carrying around a camera bag and spending my day taking pictures. Instead I can dance freely, have fun and be the one who is being photographed instead of the one who is always stuck behind the camera.

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