Jade Sambrook Photo of the Bar Top Dance

Women dancing on the bar at Le Diable Vert in Montreal, including Marie-Pier Morin

Focal Length: 28mm
Exposure: 1/20 sec; f/4; ISO 800
Metering: Spot metering
Flash: Yes

Photo by: Jade Daniel Sambrook
Camera: Pentax K10D
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC

Le Diable Vert was a popular bar to go to in my younger twenties. Located at the corner of St-Denis and Mont Royal Streets in Montreal, Jade Sambrook and friends would often end-up there on a Friday night for some typical drinking and dancing.

Many years later, in my early thirties, I was with a group of friends who were looking for a place to grab a drink. I suggested Le Diable Vert, to which everybody objected, because according to them we were now to old for a place like that. I argued the opposite, that we were not too old and that early thirties were like the new twenties. Eventually my friends relented and we ended-up at Le Diable Vert. Once there however, I could see what my friends had been telling me. I felt old! I felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of annoying kids. One of my friends pointed out to me that some years ago Jade Sambrook was exactly like them, a young annoying kid.

At some point some girls started dancing on the bar, and since I had my digital SLR camera with me I immediately snapped a photo.

Years later, for whatever reason unknown to me, the Diable Vert changed its name and the new bar is now much smaller in size.

I was recently showing to my girlfriend the photo I took that night of the women dancing on the bar. She mentioned that one of the women in the photo is Marie-Pier Morin (second from left), who at the time worked at the Diable Vert, but since then has become a popular TV personality and the wife of Montreal Canadiens player Brandon Prust.

Still, I didn’t think much of the photo until my girlfriend suggested we watch Hockey Wives, a new show on the W Network dedicated to showcasing the lives of several women that are married to NHL hockey players. One of the hockey wives in the show is none other than Marie-Pier Morin. I couldn’t help but think to myself that interestingly, I just so happened to photograph her dancing on the bar that night many years ago, when our age almost prevented us from going there in the first place. In other words, you never know what kind of photos you will get from where you go, and you never know where those that you photograph will end-up one day. Judging by her life as portayed on Hockey Wives, she’s still happily dancing on the bar!

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