Jade Daniel Sambrook’s Surprise Photo Shoot of a Naked Woman

Photography of a nude woman by Jade Daniel Sambrook using a Pentax K10d

Focal Length: 70mm
Exposure: 1/90 sec; f/5.6; ISO 400
Metering: Centre Weighted Average
Flash: No

Photo Owner: Jade Daniel Sambrook
Camera: Pentax K10D
Lens: Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro

Nude photography of a woman. Every man’s dream, right? Okay, maybe not every man’s dream, but it is probably safe to say most. When I first started out with photography as a passion and hobby, I definitely had a thirst for doing a fine art nude photo shoot.

Actually, it was on my mind more often than not. I would ask myself what the point was in having a bunch of expensive cameras and photography gear if I couldn’t use it in a room full of naked women. I know, Jade Daniel Sambrook is a dreamer! And maybe a little perverted to boot! Actually maybe even a lot!

Truth is though, since I was a teenager full of those raging hormones I would imagine how cool it must be to be a photographer for Playboy magazine. Now that I am a bit older though, I realize that photography has many areas of discipline covering diverse subjects – and that all of them are just about as equally great. In other words macro photography of ants and water drops on flowers is as interesting as event or portrait photography.

Being dedicated solely to fine art nude photography is obviously a choice, and a challenge as well. There is much artistic value to portraying the curves and lines of a nude woman – or a naked man for that matter – but you have to get it right! You have to portray them in their best light. You have to be able to hide their weaknesses while highlighting their best features. Nobody wants to look bad in a photo – especially when they are naked!

Now about the photo in this blog post. I was at a corn roast held annually at a local neighbourhood bar to thank its loyal customers. Naturally I brought my DSLR camera in order to take photos of people gnawing at their corn on the cob. Seriously though, I would bring my camera everywhere I’d go. Simply put, you just never know what might happen and what photo opportunities you might miss if you are not carrying your camera.

At one point in the evening a couple of ladies asked me to follow them into the back alley that was behind the bar, telling me that they had a surprise for me. I duly followed, curious as to what the surprise could be. Once outside they both dropped their pants exposing their bare bums to my surprised eyes. I quickly raised the camera to snap a quick photo, and before I had any time to properly focus the lens their pants were already back up.

One of the two ladies then asked me to follow her a little further down the alley where a sitting bench was conveniently located. She told me that I could take a photo of her naked, but that I would have to do it very quickly since we were essentially in a public place and therefore we did not want to draw any unneeded attention. As you may know, being naked in public in Canada is illegal.

She laid down on the bench and I snapped a few shots. Then it was over. Now I always found that my Pentax k10d performed very poorly in low light, and that anytime the ISO was set to 800 or above that there would be a lot of noise in the photo. I therefore pretty much always kept the ISO to 400 and below, as was the case in this photo taken in a dark back alley late at night.

And there I was – thirsty for more – after having been given a surprise opportunity at an impromptu nude photo shoot. It was my first experience with nude photography. It was rushed and expedited, and in consequence the photos did not come out as sharp as I would have liked. But I’m still happy that I was given the opportunity. And yes I’m still thirsty for more! That is why like I said earlier, I think it’s important to always have a camera on you as you never know what might happen and what photo opportunities you might miss if you are not carrying one.

In the end, I went to take photos of people eating corn on the cob, and I came out with a little more than what I had bargained for: a surprise photo shoot of a naked woman.

Jade Daniel Sambrook Returns to the Piknic with a Kilt and an iPhone 6

Jade Daniel Sambrook poses for a photo with friends at the 2015 Piknic Electronik in Montreal

Focal Length: 4mm
Exposure: 1/1130 sec; f/2.2; ISO 32
Metering: Pattern
Flash: No

Photo Owner: Jade Daniel Sambrook
Camera & Lens: Apple iPhone 6

The last time that Jade Daniel Sambrook had been to the Piknic Electronik in Montreal was in 2007. Since I had moved to Ottawa in 2008 it was much harder to attend each and every weekend – as use to be the case. Actually to be truthful, I did check-in briefly in both 2010 and 2011, but only for really short visits in order to showcase it to some friends who were visiting the city with me.

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Jade Sambrook Photo of the Bar Top Dance

Women dancing on the bar at Le Diable Vert in Montreal, including Marie-Pier Morin

Focal Length: 28mm
Exposure: 1/20 sec; f/4; ISO 800
Metering: Spot metering
Flash: Yes

Photo by: Jade Daniel Sambrook
Camera: Pentax K10D
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC

Le Diable Vert was a popular bar to go to in my younger twenties. Located at the corner of St-Denis and Mont Royal Streets in Montreal, Jade Sambrook and friends would often end-up there on a Friday night for some typical drinking and dancing.

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